Should I place an insurance bet or not?

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Which is the most played online casino game?

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What are the types of online casino games?

Those who want to start playing online casino games can find them outlined into three different categories, as we explain here – so that you can pick the ones that are the most likely to appeal to your tastes when you start to play for the first time online.


Which card games are popular in online casinos?

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How do you play Poker?

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What are the odds of getting 0 on two roulette tables at the same time?

We look at the odds of having two single number 0 bets paying off at the same time on two different roulette wheels for those who like playing multiple games.


What Are the Poker Game Variations?

There are a lot of different poker game variations that many people do not understand. If you are a poker player then it is important to know what a poker game variation is. Just about everyone knows about No Limit Texas Hold’em, but what about Pot Limit and Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em? While it is possible […]


What casino games are the most fun?

Our very first question asks us which casino games are considered the most enjoyable. A very simple question with a rather complicated answer!


What casino games are there?

Welcome to Games Guru, where we give you the online casino gambling knowledge you need. We assist you with useful information that online players can use to help pick the right casinos, play their games better and eventually become gaming pros.

Online casinos are full of all kinds of casino games. The main categories you can divide the games into include table games, card games and slots. And under these categories you can find hundreds of games. So how do you choose which casino game to play?

We are going to take a look at some of the best online casino games. These casino games are highly recommended because the offer you entertainment as well as substantial payouts.


BlackjackThis card game is one of the most recommended games because it offers a whole lot of advantages. To begin with, blackjack is much easier to play than other card games like poker. The rules of the game are easy to follow and there are few complexities. Another important factor is that blackjack has very basic strategy that players can easily understand and apply. But most importantly the game offers the lowest house edge ever. In fact if you play your cards right you can actually easily beat the house.


RouletteYou might be wondering how roulette can possibly be one of the best games to play. It is a purely luck based game and there is nothing you can do to manipulate the outcome. But roulette is indeed one of the better bets in the casino and the reason why is because of the betting options roulette has to offer. Roulette has a set of bets called even bets where you can bet on the color of the slot the ball will fall, which is red or black and you can also bet on whether the winning number will be odd or even. These even bets give you a fifty-fifty chance of winning and therefore the odds of your bet winning are very high. Roulette also offers bets where you can wager on groups of numbers. The right betting strategies can help you play roulette to your advantage.

Video Poker

Video PokerThis game is one of the best games to play primarily because it is a really entertaining game. It’s a bit of poker and a bit of a slot game – in perfect balance and offering you absolute satisfaction. There are a wide variety of video slots games and different games offer different payouts. It important to know the rules of the variant you are playing. But once you get the hang of it you can make some good money. Another great thing about video poker games is that several of them offer gamble features, surprise bonuses and other such interesting goodies that makes playing them a lot more exciting. You could end up winning quite a bit at this fun filled game.